5 Ways to Spice it Up! Make This Valentine’s Day One to Remember

Ladies and Gentlemen- Newsflash! If your plans for Valentine’s Day include any of the same ole run-of-the-mill ideas, then here’s your chance to hit the reset button and spice it up! We’re bringing you five ways to make this V-Day one that you won’t soon forget on any budget- just take your pick. Or, keep it hot throughout the month by trying all of these! Be sure to use #LoveKings on your posts so that we can highlight some of your sweet gestures on Instagram @TheLoveKings, or, we might just highlight you on our blog at LoveKings.net 

So, here we go!

A Penny or More for Your Thoughts

High End: It’s 2018 so if you’re going to give flowers do it with an extra flare! Forget sending roses to the job (it’s been done a million times). Instead, buy a rose for each year that you’ve been together and then hop on either Instagram or Facebook! Surprise your mate by going live as you highlight a different reason why you love him or her for each rose that you lay down. Don’t forget: #LoveKings & @TheLoveKings

Economy: Stop by Michaels, buy some decorative paper and a jar. Cut the paper into small strips. On each strip write a different reason why you love your mate. Drop all the strips into the jar and send it to work with him/her. That jar is there for them to grab a strip out whenever they need a smile. Or, sit it on the bathroom counter. There’s nothing better than starting your mate’s morning out with a good smile before they brush their teeth- LOL! Send them out the door smiling. Do this for each other and don’t forget to refill the jar often; trust us, this is the gift that keeps on giving! And hey, you can still go live with this option too!

Dinner for Two

High End: In cities across the country you can download the OpenTable app and find hotspot to take Bae! If you’re in Dallas, we suggest Don’t Tell Supper Club. Hailed as one of the hottest new spots in the DFW metroplex, you may want to download the OpenTable app to make sure you can get in! Or, try the LoveKings’ absolute favorite spot- Truluck’s! (Chicago, IL/ La Jolla, California/ Dallas, Austin, Houston, Woodlands, TX/ Naples, Boca Raton, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Economy: Grab a bottle of Sociologie Wine, pop by the store to pick up a few thick cut ribeyes, shrimp and light the candles. Oh! And don’t forget the Wine Condoms to keep that bottle of wine fresh. Challenged in the cooking department? Sign up now for Hello Fresh or Blue Apron; the box comes with all the ingredients including pre-measured spices for cooking with ease.

The Perfect Touch

High End: Book at the Omni’s incredible Mokara Spa! The Omni has locations around the country. You can choose from body scrubs that’ll leave your whole body smooth to wraps that leave your skin super hydrated, or massages that send you both to sleep. Take it a step further by booking a room to stay over. No need to rush!

Economy: Your hands are just as magical as the pros! Pickup a bottle of massage oil, grab the blankets, candles, fruit and dessert for an evening in the middle of the living room floor. You’ll both wake up refreshed!

Lights, Camera, Action

High End: Locate a professional videographer and make your loved one a customized video recounting your top 5 most memorable moments together. Think about the times that you’ll never forget. Be sure to include photos that the videographer can drop into the video. Don’t have pictures of some of those special places? (i.e., a special restaurant from your first date, a specific park, etc.) Usually you can find them in Google images.

Economy: Do-it-yourself! Cell phone technology is AMAZING these days. We’ve made some great tribute videos for each other using iMovie.  You can even include your favorite songs as long as you’ve purchased the music and it’s on your device. Trust us- it’s super easy to do, but very touching.

Straight From the Heart

High End: Take the time to write a love letter and hire a calligrapher to make it beautiful (yep, calligraphy is back in a major way). We recommend checking out Nettie’s work @DistinctiveTreasures on Instagram. Speak from the heart making it sweet, funny and touching. Taking a walk down memory lane is just that spark you’ve been needing.

Economy: Grab your laptop, type the letter and hit print. Add a special touch by sealing it in an envelope.

Gentlemen, initial the closure on the back of the envelope and it’s okay to add a touch of your favorite cologne. There’s something about engaging a person’s sense of smell.

Ladies, seal it with a kiss wearing your most beautiful bold lipstick!

You’re not done yet: place it in their car or somewhere that they’ll be surprised to see it. Tip: You can also write a small “I love you” note with the date and stick it in his or her wallet. They’ll smile harder than they have in a long time when they find it.

We hope these tips help! Subscribe by hitting the follow button- never miss another blog post! Make this year the best ever.  And don’t be selfish! Hit that share button so that your friends and family have the chance to spice it up too. Don’t forget to hashtag your posts so that we can see too. #LoveKings Leave your comments below!

About the authors: Lyman and Crystal King are college sweethearts with one son. They fell in love in 1997, married in 2004 and have been going strong ever since. From a cancer diagnosis to the death of a parent, they’ve survived it all together. They strive to create a legacy built on improving marriages and relationships to strengthen families. They’re passionate about social change, family, food and spades! They’re live on Facebook every Tuesday night at 7:00 central/8:00 eastern for their signature live show “Petty or Problem?” solving relationship disputes. Follow on Facebook LoveKings, on Instagram & Twitter @TheLoveKings

7 thoughts on “5 Ways to Spice it Up! Make This Valentine’s Day One to Remember

  1. Loved these suggestions!! We’ll most definitely be executing the economy options. Thanks for sharing these — they were right on time!!!


    1. Hello! We reall appreciate it; we’re dedicated to strengthening relationships in creative ways. We’re so happy that you like it! Please share the content and stay with us for more.


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