In Honor of Black History Month: Watch Ambassador Andrew Young on Resiliency with Purpose

I find relationship inspiration in anything and everything. The story that I’m about to share with you is fitting for so many reasons (1) It’s Black History Month and there’s so much to be proud of in our heritage and (2) this message of resiliency to drive transformation with purpose is applicable to every aspect of your life. You never know when you’re making an impact.

This post is dedicated to an amazing friend- Ryan Dunn who I met through my husband. Ryan, thank you for making the introduction to the Ambassador. Without you Ryan, this day would not have been possible.

As many of you may know, I had the incredible honor of interviewing Ambassador Andrew Young a few weeks ago for work. As we got to know each other before the cameras started rolling, he asked where I was from and I shared with him that I live in Dallas, TX, but my hometown is Albany, GA. He says to me “Ah! Albany, GA. After we’re done with business, please remind me to tell you one of my most memorable stories.” We went on about the business of the day and as promised, as soon as we wrapped our work session, he says “Young lady, I really must share with you a story from my Albany experience- feel free to record it. It’s one of my all-time favorite stories from the movement”. I laughed gently as I thought to myself “Trust me, there was no way I was going to let you forget.” I mean, here I was in the presence of a civil rights icon who wants to tell me a story about my home; God was smiling down on me in this moment. I’m beyond proud of the special place that my hometown holds in the Civil Rights Movement. I’m sure my grandfather Roy Hall would be smiling down; you see he marched and was arrested in the movement and because of his resiliency, and the determination of so many other everyday heroes, we walk with pride today. I hope this message moves you and that you’ll feel inspired to share it with others.

Thank you @AmbAndrewYoung @Basil_Me

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Take this inspiration out into the world with you today. – Love, The Kings

About the authors: Lyman and Crystal King are college sweethearts with one son. They fell in love in 1997, married in 2004 and have been going strong ever since. From a cancer diagnosis to the death of a parent, they’ve survived it all together. They strive to create a legacy built on improving marriages and relationships to strengthen families. They’re passionate about social change, family, food and spades! They’re live on Facebook every Tuesday night at 7:00 central/8:00 eastern for their signature live show “Petty or Problem?” solving relationship disputes. Follow on Facebook LoveKings, on Instagram & Twitter @TheLoveKings

5 thoughts on “In Honor of Black History Month: Watch Ambassador Andrew Young on Resiliency with Purpose

  1. Dope. And a story for the ages.

    It was already all by design. I’m just the Connector. Much love to AHA, and to YOU especially, for knowing what it meant to make all this a real thing.

    Forever grateful.



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    Please watch and listen to Ambassador Andrew Young tell this story from when he was a young man visiting Dr. Martin Luther King in jail. His diplomacy and intelligence made a difference in so many ways. President Carter made the perfect choice in appointing him ambassador to the United Nations.


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