The Importance of Love When Cancer Knocks at Your Door…AGAIN

What would I have done without love on July 10, 2018? I would’ve lost it, that’s what I would’ve done. But, my mother and my doctor held me in that moment. My husband was on the other end of the phone hurting with us and wishing he could be there. He ALWAYS goes to the doctor with me, but this time he didn’t. That’s just how unexpected my recent cancer diagnosis was.

You’ll probably read the rest of this as a double entendre and that’s okay; after all, this is a relationship blog. I’d been in pain for so long and I’d taught myself to live with it instead of confronting it. You know, kind of like we do in our relationships sometimes. Note to self: don’t ever do that again. Cancer comes in many forms, but only gets worse when we ignore signs and symptoms. Address pain as it comes, PLEASE.

But at any rate, my message to you today is to embrace the one you love and hold them a little tighter. The unexpected happens unexpectedly- don’t take that for granted.

“The unexpected happens unexpectedly- don’t take that for granted.”

I share my intimate thoughts in this video so I hope you’ll receive something from it.

A few dedications- First, to my son- if it were not for him, I never would’ve addressed what was happening. He said “Ma, you have to go.” I love you baby.

I also dedicate this post to my beautiful friends Kim Crawford Davis and Sonya Acree who both lost their battles with cancer recently after fighting so hard. Their strength inspires me; I grieve the losses, but more importantly I celebrate their lives and I fight for us all. Also, to anyone who’s ever been on this journey as the patient or the co-survivor- this is for you. And in closing, I also dedicate this post to my family and friends, you’ve carried me. I thank God for each of you.

To my super supportive ride or die husband, son, parents, brothers, brother-in-law, sister, sister-in-laws, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, my BFF, amazing friends, Link sisters, colleagues and my guardian angels in heaven- Let’s do this!

23 thoughts on “The Importance of Love When Cancer Knocks at Your Door…AGAIN

  1. Thank you Crystal for sharing. You’re in my prayers. I know God got you & you will come even stronger. Love you!


  2. God has you and it is in his word that He will never leave us or forsake us. I Love You and my prayers are with you always. You have the best team ever and it is an honor to say that I am part of your A-Team. We will fight this my friend….bye bye Cancer!


  3. Praying for You Always…. Bold, Beautiful, Blessed and Brave…. Your Testimony will be Your Story… Love Ya Girl


  4. Sending you my prayers and love from CALI!! You got this and we will see you soon.
    Blessings and thank you for sharing.


  5. You are an amazing person Crystal. I have embodied your spirit. Thank you for allowing yourself to be transparent about your journey. Love you…I respect you…I cherish you!!! See you soon!!!


  6. Yes, the unexpected happens and when my wife passed, son and I were three minutes late, due to a random road closure. Love has to just flow through the Universe, sometimes. Hope you are doing better.


  7. Thank you for sharing, This is is my second battle with Cancer as well. Keep the Faith and stay strong……. I am praying for you, God Speed Ahead !!!


  8. Thank you for sharing this Crystal. I am praying for you and know that you will beat this. The second time around. God has got you. Will look forward to the updates on your recovery. Love you , Lyman and Lyman Jr.


  9. Crystal, I was shocked and saddened to hear today from my sister that your cancer is back. Please know you are in my prayers. Your video blog was a true testament to who you are and what you are made of. Despite everything going on your strength shined brightly in this video, especially through that slight smile towards the end of the video that has always endured us all. You are light, love, a warrior and a surviver. I know you will beat this. You have God, Lyman and more love than you will ever know with you, holding you up and supporting you. My Prayers and love are with you and the family❣️


  10. Crystal my heart saddens to know that you are fighting another struggle. My hands are lifted in prayer towards you for healing, towards Lyman and Lyman Jr. for strength and towards the remainder of your family. I know you will make it through this just as you have conquered and won the fight through many other battles. Your message really touched home with some things for me and once again I thank you for being so transparent with the world and allowing people the live and learn through you. I’ve appreciated your friendship since high school and I adore the beautiful woman that you have grown to be. This is just a chapter to add to your book of life and I know the remainder of the book will be amazing! I love you and pray for healing for you and your family.


  11. Crystal, I was so saddened when Chad told me your cancer came back. It gave me a true reality check because I’ve been pouting about how my 30s have not been the best for me since 30 I started out having to have a myometomy surgery for fibroids. 31 being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and then 32 a type 1 diabetes diagnosis. I kept having to tell myself Denetra it can be much worse. Then I watched your video on your blog and it gave me a true reality check. Watching your video made me sad because you have cancer again, but then smile when I saw how strong you’re being. So I just want to say thank you for being transparent. You are definitely in my prayers.


  12. Crystal you be strong! Fight hard. Know that God’s hands are on you and your family. The platform that you and your husband has built is so much greater than you even realize. I applaud your bravery. Tonight I will heed your words and hug my wife a little tighter tonight. Continuous blessings to the King Family.


  13. Crystal, the people you have touched are vast! Please know we are praying your strength in the Lord for the course.


  14. You know Crystal I have always admired your beauty and your strength since college. After all you have gone through you still have the heart of a fighter, I have enjoyed reconnecting and seeing that beautiful glow over FB. Just know that I am praying and fighting with you! I love what you are doing with your life and how you are making a difference! Keep fighting, Keep shining!!! Sending lots of love your way!😍😘


  15. I’m So So Sorry To Hear This I’m Praying For You Beautiful Always Know That God Is Always In Control🙏🏾😘 He Will See You Through This I Think Of The Two Battles I’m Fighting CHF&HIV No Matter What A Illness Is A Illness!! You Will Always Be In My Prayers God Bless You Crystal I Love You Beautiful💪🏾❤️😘


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