Diddy & Kim Porter: When You Realize That Tomorrow Is Not Promised

So many of us were shocked last week to learn of Kim Porter’s sudden passing. And let me just say, death is traumatic whether it is expected or not. However, when you know it’s coming, you live in constant fear of losing the person so you tend to hold on tighter and cherish each day. When it’s sudden, we find ourselves wishing that we had savored more moments, spent more time, worked a little less and loved a little harder.

As shocked as we were as the outside world, I cannot imagine what those closest to her must be feeling. Given that our blogging platform is dedicated to relatable lessons in love, I thought I would take this moment to share Diddy’s words in honor of this beautiful love. I was particularly moved by his recognition of their inexplicable relationship; this goes to show just how unimportant the opinions of others are when it comes to your love. Sometimes two people share something that isn’t meant to be understood by others and that’s okay. You know, my very wise mother always says “No one truly knows what goes on between a man and a woman except that man and that woman.” So very true mama! At any rate, my goal is to share Diddy’s words and this beautiful tribute that he posted, in hopes that it sparks something in your heart today. Move and act with purpose in every relationship in your life because tomorrow is never promised. Our prayers for their entire family.

“For the last three days I’ve been trying to wake up out of this nightmare. But I haven’t. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you baby. I miss you so much. Today I’m going to pay tribute to you, I’m going to try to find words to explain our unexplainable relationship. We were more than best friends, we were more than soulmates. WE WERE SOME OTHER SHIT!! And I miss you so much…” Diddy’s Tribute to Kim Porter

Note: We do not own the rights to this photo. Image is property of Cosmopolitan.

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